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Re: rawhide report: 20090702 changes

Subject: Re: rawhide report: 20090702 changes
From: Rahul Sundaram
Date: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 21:15:22 +0530
On 07/02/2009 08:37 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>> Yes and this is not even the first time. Dive Into Python has been in
>> the repo for ages already.
> That doesn't mean it's compliant with our guidelines on shipping content. I
> really don't see what benefit it gives us to have a package dumping some
> book into /usr/share. Can't it be given as a regular download on a website?
> Possibly even the Fedora wiki. But packages sound to me like a completely
> overkill format to distribute PDF books.

 We have heard both sides of the argument in detail several times now
and I doubt there is value in debating it one more time on the list. So
take it up to FESCo if you think there is some violation of guidelines.


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