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Re: Fit and Finish test day: batteries and suspend

Subject: Re: Fit and Finish test day: batteries and suspend
From: Richard Hughes
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 20:07:07 +0100
2009/7/17 Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) <bochecha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> >From today's update in Fedora 11:
> $ rpm -q --changelog DeviceKit-power | head
> * lun. juil. 06 2009 Richard Hughes <richard@xxxxxxxxxxx> - 009-1
> - Update to 009
> - Fixes many problems with multi-battery laptops
> - Use pm-powersave like HAL used to
> - Fix detecting UPS devices
> - Add support for recalled laptop batteries
> Notice the line about UPS.
> Now, I have no idea if that means proper support or not, but it seems
> like it is coming :)

It should work fine with 009. If it doesn't work, and it used to work
with HAL (without nut installed) then please file bugs. I've recently
been regression testing with my APC UPS, and this seems to work fine


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