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Re: Fit and Finish test day: batteries and suspend

Subject: Re: Fit and Finish test day: batteries and suspend
From: Richard Hughes
Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2009 20:09:29 +0100
2009/7/17 Michael Cronenworth <[email protected]>:
> There are some folks that have UPS battery backups that used to function
> under HAL and F10. Now that DeviceKit has removed all references to UPS
> devices until they figure out how they want to add them back in,

There were two bugs that stopped UPS devices being detected correctly.
There was nothing removed.

> I, and
> other UPS owners are left without methods of adjusting settings or even
> using the shutdown feature. I don't want to install httpd and configure
> config files for apcupsd. If you are going to suggest such, then Fedora
> has lost touch with reality.

I think you need to test the latest version in updates before speculating.


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