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Re: FC5: first impressions

Subject: Re: FC5: first impressions
From: "Jeff Spaleta"
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 10:52:04 -0500
On 3/26/06, Jon Nettleton <[email protected]> wrote:
>  I know that when I launch an application I
> automatically expect it to show up in the background.

yes launching mplayer in fullscreen mode from a terminal... its
inconceivable why anyone would want mplayer to actuall go fullscreen.
It makes so much more sense for the mplayer window, which was
deliberately requested to be in fullscreen with a cmdline argument to
load behind my terminal and the gnome-panels as well.  It's so simple
and intuitive to have to click on that fullscreen requested mplayer
window, not once.. but twice (to bring it above the terminal and the
gnome-panel objects) to have it in the foreground like it would when
called from pretty much anything other than gnome-terminal.

What I really really love.. is when the entire window for the
application you just lauched is covered by the lauching terminal. 
Even better when that completely obscured window is a dialog with a
timer action. I wonder, are any of those new fangled keyboard focus
stealing password dialogs affected by the pop-under behavior? Wouldn't
that be funny... a password dialog that you can't see which forcibly
steals keyboard focus for security reasons.. sitting under your
terminal window which forcibly causes new windows to pop-under for
usability reasons.. Does that count as ironic.. or is it just tragic?

-jef"of course with hardware accelerated bling with true transparency
in the terminal and the panel... I guess I'd never notice if the
mplayer window was behind those objects and I could watch my pr0n
without having to lift a finger once it started"spaleta

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