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Re: Hardware detection problems on laptops -- how to file a report?

Subject: Re: Hardware detection problems on laptops -- how to file a report?
From: "Joe Desbonnet"
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 19:37:23 +0100
Thanks Jeff,

Perhaps the /etc/sysconfig/hwconf of the working FC4 vs the
non-working FC5 installation might be useful? Anyhow here is a list of
what I encountered installing FC5-i386 on a Thinkpad T41p:

1. During install and after install I no longer had use of my 3Com
3CRWE737A 802.11b PC Card (this worked with FC4,3,2,1). This card is
handled by the orinoco dirver. Even force loading the driver did not
bring this card to life. I do not think it is a kernel issue -- a grep
of  "3CRWE737A" on orinoco_cs.ko demonstrates that support for this
card is still in the kernel.
The /etc/sysconfig/hwconf entry from FC4 reads:
class: NETWORK
detached: 0
device: eth2
driver: orinoco_cs
desc: "3Com 3CRWE737A AirConnect Wireless LAN PC Card"
vendorId: 0101
deviceId: 0001
function: 0
slot: 0

2. After FC5 install I no longer have use of my built in bluetooth device.

3. After a few reboots I lose things like battery gauge
(/proc/acpi/battery directory gone!). This seems to correspond to
kudzu related errors on boot. I'm sorry -- I didn't capture the exact
text of the error at the time. I encountered this type of problem
before where kudzu failed at boot time and made a mess things. I can
reinstall FC5 and get that error message if it is going to be useful.

4. Suspend does not work (no surprise there). Blank flickering LCD
screen on restore. This never worked, so I'm not too concerned about

5. Not a Thinkpad issue per se: When installing FC5Test3 on VMWare 
the BusLogic module had to be manually loaded. This was not required
during the FC4 install -- it was autodetected there. At the time I
thought that was a VMWare issue, now I suspect otherwise...


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