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CD burner that Just Works

Subject: CD burner that Just Works
From: Florin Andrei
Date: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 10:34:59 -0800
Well, K3B is nice and all, but it's a KDE application. While there's
nothing wrong with KDE per se, if you're using Gnome there's a
noticeable delay before starting any KDE application, while all those
components get initialized and so on. Plus, while most applications work
flawlessly in their native environment, there are all kinds of strange
bugs that get uncovered when using them in other environments (this goes
for both KDE and Gnome apps).
In fact, K3B is the only KDE application that must be used on a Gnome
desktop currently. All other basic tasks can be accomplished by native
applications (or by apps that are merely GTK-based, not full Gnome apps,
which is fine).

So... how about including Graveman in Fedora?


- It Just Works.
- It has a no-nonsense interface that, to me at least, seems much better
than any other CD burner for Linux. In fact, i think this is The CD-
Burner GUI Metaphor that everyone should look at and learn from. Really.
Any "dummy user" could use it, while it does not step on advanced users'
- It's GTK-based.


Florin Andrei


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