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Problems with SCSI Disk recognition in Fedora 10

Subject: Problems with SCSI Disk recognition in Fedora 10
From: Dov Zamir
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 07:52:40 +0200
Hello Friends,

If this is not the correct place to discuss this problem, then please accept my apologies, and kindly direct me to the correct list.

I have upgraded two of my computers from Fedora 9 to Fedora 10. The first computer has several hard drives including SATA, ADA and an external USB drive, the last is recognized by Fedora as a SCSI disk. After updating this computer to F10, the boot sequence stopped while mounting the disks. It seems that it was unable, at this point, to recognize the UID it configured for the external disk. I commented out the line for this disk in /etc/fstab and then successfully rebooted. After the reboot, I removed the comment, mounet -a, and everything is fine. The computer will not reboot without this line commented out.

A much more serious problem occurred when I upgraded a second computer. This computer only has SCSI disks. After upgrade, the computer would not boot, not recognizing the UID of its one and only LVM. I have not found a solution or a workaround for this.

All my remaining computers have SCSI disks exclusively, so I am reluctant to upgrade them.

Is this a known issue? Am I doing something wrong? This is a very serious issue. I now have a piece of metal sitting on the floor, instead of a web server, waiting for advice...


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