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rpms/openoffice.org/devel openoffice.org.spec,1.966,1.967

Subject: rpms/openoffice.org/devel openoffice.org.spec,1.966,1.967
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2006 08:09:20 -0500
Author: caolanm

Update of /cvs/dist/rpms/openoffice.org/devel
In directory cvs.devel.redhat.com:/tmp/cvs-serv30134

Modified Files:
Log Message:
some language links

Index: openoffice.org.spec
RCS file: /cvs/dist/rpms/openoffice.org/devel/openoffice.org.spec,v
retrieving revision 1.966
retrieving revision 1.967
diff -u -r1.966 -r1.967
--- openoffice.org.spec 2 Dec 2006 16:00:24 -0000       1.966
+++ openoffice.org.spec 3 Dec 2006 13:09:18 -0000       1.967
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 %define oootag OOE680
 %define ooomilestone 6
-%define rh_rpm_release 1
+%define rh_rpm_release 2
 # gcc#19664#
 %define stlvisibilityfcked 1
@@ -1155,7 +1155,7 @@
 #langpack id, has help or not, dictionary pattern, other linguistic pattern, 
script classification
-af     help    af_ZA.???       *af_ZA* western         ar      nohelp  nodict  
        nolingu ctl     \
+af     help    af_??.???       *af_ZA* western         ar      nohelp  nodict  
        nolingu ctl     \
 bg     help    bg_BG.???       *bg_BG* western         bn      help    nodict  
        nolingu western \
 ca     help    ca_ES.???       *ca_ES* western         cs      help    nodict  
        *cs_CZ* western \
 cy     help    cy_GB.???       *cy_GB* western         da      help    
da_DK.???       *da_DK* western \
@@ -1166,15 +1166,15 @@
 gl     nohelp  gl_ES.???       *gl_ES* western         gu-IN   nohelp  nodict  
        nolingu ctl     \
 pa-IN  nohelp  nodict          nolingu ctl             he      nohelp  
he_IL.???       *he_IL* ctl     \
 hi-IN  help    nodict          nolingu ctl             hu      help    
hu_HU.???       *hu_HU* western \
-hr     help    hr_HR.???       *hr_HR* western         it      help    
it_IT.???       *it_IT* western \
+hr     help    hr_HR.???       *hr_HR* western         it      help    
it_??.???       *it_IT* western \
 ja     help    nodict          nolingu cjk             ko      help    nodict  
        nolingu cjk     \
-lt     help    lt_LT.???       *lt_LT* western         ms      nohelp  
ms_MY.???       *ms_MY* western \
+lt     help    lt_LT.???       *lt_LT* western         ms      nohelp  
ms_??.???       *ms_MY* western \
 nb     help    nb_NO.???       *nb_NO* western         nl      help    
nl_??.???       *nl_*   western \
 nn     help    nn_NO.???       *nn_NO* western         pl      help    
pl_PL.???       *pl_PL* western \
 pt     help    pt_PT.???       *pt_PT* western         pt-BR   help    
pt_BR.???       *pt_BR* western \
 ru     help    ru_RU.???       *ru_RU* western         sk      help    
sk_SK.???       *sk_SK* western \
 sl     help    sl_SI.???       *sl_SI* western         sr-CS   help    nodict  
        nolingu western \
-sv     help    sv_SE.???       *sv_SE* western         ta-IN   help    nodict  
        nolingu ctl     \
+sv     help    sv_??.???       *sv_*   western         ta-IN   help    nodict  
        nolingu ctl     \
 th     help    th_TH.???       *th_TH* ctl             tr      help    nodict  
        nolingu western \
 zh-CN  help    nodict          nolingu cjk             zh-TW   help    nodict  
        nolingu cjk     \
 zu     help    zu_ZA.???       *zu_ZA* western         tn      help    nodict  
        nolingu western \
@@ -1233,26 +1233,92 @@
 pushd $RPM_BUILD_ROOT/%{_datadir}/myspell/
+ln -s af_ZA.aff af_NA.aff
+ln -s af_ZA.dic af_NA.dic
 ln -s en_GB.aff en_AU.aff
 ln -s en_GB.dic en_AU.dic
+ln -s en_GB.aff en_BS.aff
+ln -s en_GB.dic en_BS.dic
 ln -s en_GB.aff en_BZ.aff
 ln -s en_GB.dic en_BZ.dic
 ln -s en_GB.aff en_CA.aff
 ln -s en_GB.dic en_CA.dic
 ln -s en_GB.aff en_IE.aff
 ln -s en_GB.dic en_IE.dic
+ln -s en_GB.aff en_IN.aff
+ln -s en_GB.dic en_IN.dic
 ln -s en_GB.aff en_JM.aff
 ln -s en_GB.dic en_JM.dic
+ln -s en_GB.aff en_NA.aff
+ln -s en_GB.dic en_NA.dic
 ln -s en_GB.aff en_NZ.aff
 ln -s en_GB.dic en_NZ.dic
 ln -s en_GB.aff en_ZA.aff
 ln -s en_GB.dic en_ZA.dic
+ln -s en_GB.aff en_ZW.aff
+ln -s en_GB.dic en_ZW.dic
 ln -s en_GB.aff en_TT.aff
 ln -s en_GB.dic en_TT.dic
 ln -s en_US.aff en_PH.aff
 ln -s en_US.dic en_PH.dic
+ln -s de_CH.aff de_LI.aff
+ln -s de_CH.dic de_LI.dic
+ln -s de_DE.aff de_BE.aff
+ln -s de_DE.dic de_BE.dic
+ln -s de_DE.aff de_LU.aff
+ln -s de_DE.dic de_LU.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_AR.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_AR.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_BO.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_BO.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_CL.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_CL.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_CO.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_CO.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_CR.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_CR.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_DO.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_DO.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_EC.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_EC.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_GT.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_GT.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_HN.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_HN.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_NI.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_NI.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_PA.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_PA.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_PE.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_PE.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_PR.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_PR.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_PY.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_PY.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_SV.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_SV.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_UY.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_UY.dic
+ln -s es_MX.aff es_VE.aff
+ln -s es_MX.dic es_VE.dic
 ln -s fr_FR.aff fr_BE.aff
 ln -s fr_FR.dic fr_BE.dic
+ln -s fr_FR.aff fr_CA.aff
+ln -s fr_FR.dic fr_CA.dic
+ln -s fr_FR.aff fr_CH.aff
+ln -s fr_FR.dic fr_CH.dic
+ln -s fr_FR.aff fr_LU.aff
+ln -s fr_FR.dic fr_LU.dic
+ln -s fr_FR.aff fr_MC.aff
+ln -s fr_FR.dic fr_MC.dic
+ln -s it_IT.aff it_CH.aff
+ln -s it_IT.dic it_CH.dic
+ln -s ms_MY.aff ms_BN.aff
+ln -s ms_MY.dic ms_BN.dic
+ln -s nl_NL.aff nl_BE.aff
+ln -s nl_NL.dic nl_BE.dic
+ln -s sv_SE.aff sv_FI.aff
+ln -s sv_SE.dic sv_FI.dic
 #add in some templates
@@ -2558,6 +2624,10 @@
+* Sat Dec 03 2006 Caolan McNamara <[email protected]> - 1:2.1.0-6.2
+- hazard some educated guesses as to dictionaries might be acceptable to
+  speakers of the same language in neighbouring countries
 * Fri Dec 01 2006 Caolan McNamara <[email protected]> - 1:2.1.0-6.1
 - next version
 - Resolves: rhbz#217813 openoffice.org-2.1.0.ooo72129.vcl.fontglyphindex.patch

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