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What's been up to FedoraNEWS.ORG?

Subject: What's been up to FedoraNEWS.ORG?
From: "Thomas Chung"
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 16:40:28 -0700
As we have reached our 60th Issue[1] of Fedora Weekly News, I thought it would 
be a good
time to look back what's been up to FedoraNEWS.ORG for next few month.

Looking back, it's been quite a journey for FedoraNEWS.ORG when it was first 
launched on
2003-11-09[2]. It started as my personal web site where I publish notes I took 
as I
explore Fedora Core 1. Since then, the site has changed its face a few times 
from HTML
to WordPress then WikiMedia and now Drupal. Our weekly newsletter Fedora Weekly 
News is
now being translated in 8 different languages including English, French, German,
Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Serbian and we're even offering Podcast in 
and French!

What a remarkable accomplishment you might say. To tell you the truth, there 
were times
when I wake up middle of the night to start the article and finish it well 
after 4 in
the morning and asking myself why am I doing this? Does this ever end? When 
will be a
good time to take a break?  A perfect time has come.

Beginning Monday August 28th until Sunday October 1st, FedoraNEWS.ORG will be 
taking a
long vacation. It's time for us (me and my wife) to give full attention to our 
baby and soon-to-be new member of Fedora Community. :)

[1] http://fedoranews.org/mediawiki/index.php/Fedora_Weekly_News_Issue_60
[2] http://fedoranews.org/tchung/howto/2003-11-09-yum-intro.shtml

Best Regards,
Thomas Chung
FedoraNEWS.ORG (http://fedoranews.org)
"..where you can free your knowledge for your free community!"

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