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ComixWall 4.2 released

Subject: ComixWall 4.2 released
From: Soner Tari
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2008 18:16:55 UTC
Newsgroups: fa.openbsd.announce
I am pleased to announce that ComixWall ISG 4.2 has been released.
ComixWall is an Internet Security Gateway (ISG): FOSS UTM firewall
running on OpenBSD, with a user-friendly web interface for
administration and monitoring. ComixWall is unique, first of its kind in
many ways.

Highlights of this release are:
- OpenBSD 4.2-stable, i.e. includes all of the stable patches as of
- Support for both amd64 and i386 architectures, thus there are 2
installation CD images
- Upgrade support, from ComixWall 4.1b amd64 to 4.2 amd64
- New install/upgrade scripts, based on OpenBSD installation scripts
- xbase install set stripped down to save space on the CD image and the
file system
- SnortIPS: Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) based on snort alerts,
totally relies on pfctl
- Snort Intrusion Detection System (IDS), with alerts log
rotate and 64-bit time stamp patches
- ClamAV 0.92: Anti-virus scanner
- DansGuardian with clamd: Content scanning web filter
- IMSpector, CVS build as of 20071130: Message logging IM proxy which
supports MSN, IRC, Yahoo, etc.
- pfw 0.7.8: Web interface for pf, patched for bugs
- Updated software packages from OpenBSD ports collection
- Additions, enhancements, and fixes to the Web Administration
Interface, too numerous to list here
- Full English, partial Turkish, and even less complete Spanish support
on the web interface
- Installation and System Administration Guides, both in English and

ComixWall ISG comes bundled with other software too, which are either
included in OpenBSD and its ports collection or specifically ported to
OpenBSD for ComixWall:

- SpamAssassin: Anti-spam scanner
- OpenBSD spamd: spam deferral daemon
- P3scan: POP3 anti-virus/anti-spam proxy
- smtp-gated: SMTP anti-virus/anti-spam proxy
- Dante: SOCKS proxy
- Squid: HTTP proxy
- Apache Web Server (OpenBSD httpd)
- OpenBSD ftp-proxy
- DNS server
- DHCP server
- OpenSSH
- symon: System monitoring daemon
- pmacct: Network monitoring daemon

The Web Administration Interface is developed specifically for
ComixWall. In most cases, you won't have to go to the command line for
basic configuration of the system, but one of its most important design
goals is that you can use the web interface and the command line
completely interchangeably, namely it never recreates configuration
files, but modifies only the specific setting you want to change within
the configuration file (e.g. your custom comments remain intact). The
web interface provides statistics and logs pages for most modules. Its
other features are too numerous to list here.

ComixWall installation is designed so that the system is configured with
basic settings and usable out-of-the-box, right after first boot.

Please visit http://comixwall.org for further details and documentation.

Only bittorrent download is supported for CD iso files. You can obtain
the torrent files for both amd64 and i386 archs under ComixWall 4.2
Release Downloads section on the project web site. Please note that
ComixWall System Administration Guides (SAG), both English and Turkish,
are available in the CD image too (on the System > Downloads page of the
web administration interface), you don't have to download them
separately from the project web site.

You can download the torrent files on torrentbox tracker web site too:

All of the software running on ComixWall are BSD, GPL, or similarly
licensed. The web interface is released under BSD license too.

Downloads on the project web site include all of the ports packages of
the software not in the OpenBSD ports collection yet. Binary packages
are in the installation CD images, naturally.

Anonymous CVS is available for the latest web interface source code. You
can use the CVSweb on the project web site to browse the source code

The project has [email protected] mailing list, where you can receive announcements
and get community help. (However, if possible, be sure to whitelist
comixwall.org and its IP address if your MTA rejects e-mails coming from
ADSL connections. Also check your Spam/Junk folder if your MTA or mail
client considers such e-mail as spam.)

If you want to support the ComixWall project, please:
1. Seed the torrent files
2. Translate the ComixWall web interface into your native language (it's
easy, and main menus and labels are enough)
3. Purchase an official OpenBSD CD set, if you haven't done so yet
(rhymed nicely too :))

Soner Tari, The ComixWall project.

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