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Re: [Ekiga-list] Outbound use with routers and firewalls

Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] Outbound use with routers and firewalls
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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 13:55:53 +0000
> Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2010 02:35:39 -0400
> From: Christian Jaeger <[email protected]>
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> Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] Outbound use with routers and firewalls
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> PS. note that you are somewhat vague or confusing yourself, too. You say:
> > I'm pretty sure I have a definitive answer.
> A definitive answer for what? Or do you mean you don't have an answer?

The question was whether special provision is needed for firewalls and routers, for making outbound calls.  As far as I can tell, the answer is an unequivocal NO.

> > I installed version 3.2.6, and it consistently passed the echo test with several sites.
> Which sites? Have you also tried the call back test on ekiga.net? (520)

[email protected], [email protected], and several echo sites that are listed on the Ekiga wiki.  No, sorry, I did not call 520, because I didn't know STUN was working.  I didn't think I could receive incoming calls.  Ekiga is no longer installed, so I can't test it.

> > Ubuntu Karmic was used with the firewall in default (ports closed) condition.
> Aha? Well that might explain problems, no?

No.  Version 3.2.6 worked perfectly in that condition.

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