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[Ekiga-list] Ekiga cannot register with ekiga.net - Asterisk can

Subject: [Ekiga-list] Ekiga cannot register with ekiga.net - Asterisk can
From: Bent
Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2008 20:21:36 +0100

I have been unsubscribed to this list for a while so some
advertisements may have posted regarding my problem. There is,
however, not anything like it in the archives as far as I have been
able to determine.

Anyway, my problem is stated in the subject line. Here are some details:

Asterisk runs on my gateway/firewall. My ekiga softphone (which is
2.0.12 - the latest issued by Gentoo) runs on a workstation behind the
firewall. I use no proxy, but the firewall (another box running Gentoo
Linux) has the SIP ALG enabled.

Asterisk registers fine with ekiga.net:

[email protected] ~ $ tshark -r ekiga-asterisk.trace
Running as user "bent" and group "users".
  1   0.000000 -> SIP Request: OPTIONS sip:ekiga.net
  2   0.024013 ->  SIP Status: 484 Address Incomplete
  3   0.093378 -> SIP Request: REGISTER sip:ekiga.net
  4   0.116927 ->  SIP Status: 401
Unauthorized    (0 bindings)
  5   0.117983 -> SIP Request: REGISTER sip:ekiga.net
  6   0.142500 ->  SIP Status: 200 OK    (1 bindings)
[email protected] ~ $

whereas Ekiga the softphone doesn't:

[email protected] ~ $ tshark -r ekiga.trace
Running as user "bent" and group "users".
  1   0.000000 -> SIP Request: REGISTER sip:ekiga.net
  2   0.009675 -> SIP Request: SUBSCRIBE
sip:[email protected]
  3   0.023790 ->  SIP Status: 606 Not
Acceptable    (0 bindings)
  4   0.033924 ->  SIP Status: 202 OK
[email protected] ~ $

The full traces are available here (for about a month from now):

Several questions arise:

1. Why do I get '484 Address Incomplete' when my Asterisk asks for options?

2. Why does my Ekiga get a '606 Not Acceptable' when it tries to register?

3. Why is the subscribe accepted '202 OK'?

Kind regards,

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