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Re: [Ekiga-list] help about : dÃlai dÃpassÃ

Subject: Re: [Ekiga-list] help about : dÃlai dÃpassÃ
From: jean-luc damnet
Date: Fri, 04 May 2007 15:57:58 +0200
I read in the "can't login" thread about an ISP blocking VoIP traffic,
could this be also my problem ? and how to check ? My ISP is the French
Tele2, does someone have a working connection using this one ?

Damien Sandras a Ãcrit :
> Le jeudi 03 mai 2007 Ã 15:41 +0200, jean-luc damnet a Ãcrit :
>>> Your router drops the answers from ekiga.net...
>>> Try with and without STUN in ekiga.
>>> Try to see if the router doesn't embed broken SIP support.
>> I tried with and without STUN (using voxgratia), same result in both cases
>> as for broken SIP support, I have no idea (Olitec modem/router SX500)
>> since this one is now some 5 years old, I'll probably end up buying a 
>> new DSL Modem-Router... any brand/model known to work ? As it's for a 
>> small 3 systems home connection I'm looking at things like Netgear 
>> DG834, Bewan BWA800, DLink DSL524T, etc
> I have a DLink that works well, and also an US Robotics one that works
> well too.
> That is still weird that the answer is being dropped. Don't you have
> some kind of logs ?

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