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[Ekiga-list] cannot receive incomming telephone calls

Subject: [Ekiga-list] cannot receive incomming telephone calls
From: "Sick Twist"
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2006 20:02:48 -0400
I'm still having problems with Ekiga and BroadVoice. Sometimes when Ekiga v 
2.0.3 is running (in available mode) and an incomming call is made from a 
landline, Ekiga just ignores the call and the call rolls over to voicemail. 
Other times the first incomming call can be accepted but additional calls 
cannot be answered.

Here are the last 60000 bytes (pastebin.ca limit) of the debug output. In 
this log, Ekiga can accept calls at first but then it ignores them:



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