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Re: Is it just me, or is LTSP a mess?

Subject: Re: Is it just me, or is LTSP a mess?
From: <>
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2008 16:21:14 -0700
---- David Van Assche <[email protected]> wrote: 
> Asmo is certainly not the only person. I know of at least 10 live
> deployments that have no problems with ubuntu/edubuntu. I'm running
> pentium 2 500mhz with 128 mb ram as the majority of my thin clients
> (must be a good 8-10 years old) and they run like clockwork... the
> problems almost always have to do with server configuration and how
> the ltsp 5 has been setup there... If you believe jumping to another
> distro is going to solve your problems, think again. LTSP is now
> distro independent and whatever problems you run into on ed/ubuntu you
> are likely to run into on another distro (probably with many more
> problems jumping at you first.) Ubuntu is the ONLY distro that has
> LTSP as out of the box as it does.
> If there are issues with 8.04, then please, by all means note them
> down... file a bug report... or at least list them here so we can help
> go through them...

Read Scott's email from August 24th.
He raised several valid points.

I'm currently running 2 8.04 servers for 70 (6020P & older 
disklessworkstations.com clients)
I've run into issues with sound, as well as thin clients locking up.
Going from K12LTSP to 7.04 last year was tough, and I had hoped that this 
summer's upgrade to 8.04 would make things easier, but it I think I traded my 
old problems for new ones.

It seems that traffic on this list as well as the irc channel on freenode 
slowed considerably once ltsp moved from edubuntu into standard ubuntu.

If k12linux picks up momentum us school ltsp users almost have to move to it 
just to stay part of whichever community is larger for help. 

At least no one has started complaining about the crossposting between this and 
the k12OSN list.


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