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RE: AW: [Ecrit] Location Hiding -- State of the Art

Subject: RE: AW: [Ecrit] Location Hiding -- State of the Art
From: "Winterbottom, James"
Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2007 13:25:52 -0600
Ted inline.

> I really don't think you do need that.  It may be handy, but the
> problem is really quiet different.  In case one, you want something
> that can be handed back to a phone with no per-dip charge.  I've
> already mentioned some ways of dealing with that at a billing level,
> and I'm trying to suggest that if those don't work going to Brian's
> method does.  The location delivered will not be sufficient for
> anything other than discovering the right PSAP.

If the device is simply given a PSAP URI, a service URN, and a location
URI, what more does it need?

> For non-emergency cases, you are dealing instead with the
> case where you have a concern that selling someone location
> for purpose X gets them location for purpose Y.  That's both
> a different problem and it falls into an area where there are
> enough other problems that it is, honestly, probably the least
> of your worries.  It's also way out of the charter of this group.

I would argue that location hiding is not in the charter of this WG at
all. How to route to a PSAP is the current charter, so if the end-point
is given all it needs to route to the PSAP then we are done aren't we?

> >So in short answer, I am very unhappy with any solution that requires
> >the LIS to do service boundary mappings on-platform.
> >
> Some warm cocoa may help with your unhappiness.  But I'm not too
> happy when people raise issues and then reject solutions which
> require them to spend effort; especially when their proposals are
> fundamentally more fragile for delivery of critical services.
Umm, how is providing the end point with where it needs to go more
fragile than giving it a bodgey location?

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