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RE: [Ecrit] Forward Progress

Subject: RE: [Ecrit] Forward Progress
From: "Winterbottom, James"
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 15:39:52 -0600
I am fine with that Marc.

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> Subject: [Ecrit] Forward Progress
> It appears that forward progress with regards to 'Location Hiding' and
> 'Unauthenticated Access' is going to take some time.  In an effort to
> complete current milestones, what are opinions about adding the text
> to phonebcp/framework?
> "This document provides guidance for generic network configurations.
> is
> recognized that unique issues may exist in some network deployments.
> IETF will continue to investigate these unique situations and provide
> further guidance, if warranted, in future documents."
> -Marc-
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