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Re: [Ecrit] RE: [Geopriv] specifying holes in polygons

Subject: Re: [Ecrit] RE: [Geopriv] specifying holes in polygons
From: Hannes Tschofenig
Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 22:03:36 +0100
Hi James,

the PIDF-LO Profile document contains a section about shapes relevant for emergency services.
I wonder why it does not fit in there.


Winterbottom, James wrote:
I thought about this, but I can't see a need for a hole is specifying
one's own location. I do however see a need, and other have been vocal
on this, for specifying a hole in a service boundary. I thought that
Henning's document was describing the format for data and how service
boundaries are propagated throughout the network. If it isn't then I
agree with Henning, and another home would be good. If it is, then I
think a section at the end of Henning's document would be a good home.

I think just saying "take a look at GML" is a not a good idea.


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Subject: Re: [Ecrit] RE: [Geopriv] specifying holes in polygons

Maybe we should also add it to the PIDF-LO profile document.
It would fit in there.

Henning Schulzrinne wrote:
Since this isn't really specifically about LoST, I'm not sure we
to cover that in that particular spec. It is probably worth
that this is possible, but normative descriptions of the GML would
presumably be elsewhere.

On Feb 11, 2007, at 4:43 AM, Winterbottom, James wrote:

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