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Re: 3.1r2 is out but where is the jigdo files

Subject: Re: 3.1r2 is out but where is the jigdo files
From: "Earl Norris"
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 14:17:16 +0200
Well I must say I have downloaded the new jigdo files now I can find the iso to download from Dose no ftp server have 3.1r2 dvd 1 and 1 iso.
I am still looking.Some ftp servers have 3.1r2 but have a file called ftp://ftp.is.co.za/debian/dists/Debian3.1r2/Contents-i386.gz
What are we supposed to do with this file?

On 4/20/06, Brian Teeman < [email protected]> wrote:
Jeroen van Wolffelaar wrote:

>On Thu, Apr 20, 2006 at 08:53:07AM +0100, Brian Teeman wrote:
>>I'm sure I say this everytime there is a new release but why oh why cant
>>you, steve, gets a heads up about the release so that you have the chance
>>to build the iso and jigdo BEFORE the announcement.
>Because the CDs can't be built until the release is final. And if the
>release is final, it's showing up on the mirrors. And if it's showing up
>on the mirrors, people will be wondering where the announcement is, if
>it takes a few days.

Why does it have to show up on the mirrors when it is final?

>Since CDs and DVDs do not matter for upgrading, and for new installs
>it's really not a problem to just install r1 first and then upgrade
>those few packages that were updated, especially if this period takes
>only a few days... I totally fail to see the problem here.

Put a newbie hat on. You read that Debian rX is released but all you can
find to download or buy is Debian rX-1.

Put a dialup user hat on. Do you really want to buy a set of Debian rX
and then download the update.

As for there only being a few packages updated there were 2 cds worth
from r0 to r1

>-> r2 (or whatever point release upgrade) is so increadibly easy
>anyway... To answer the original question, Steve knew about the upcoming
>release, like any DD could have known, but that doesn't magically make
>it possible to master and test the new installation media in time for
>the announcement.

It would do if the announcement was not made until the iso and jigdo
were made. Just as it is possible for every other distro to update
mirrors globaly without public access until the release announcement is


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