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[dclug] Linux Memory Addressing

Subject: [dclug] Linux Memory Addressing
From: Robert Rutherford
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 23:47:36 -0500

I have a database that's over 6 Gig, for performance I would like to load the entire app into ram. and run it there, or at least load the enitre system onto a RAM disk. Currently the application does not support SMP, and cannot be distributed--yet. Currently we are having to deal with the limitations of Microsoft, and their memory system.

With 32 bits you can address upto 4 Gig of RAM, not large enough for my needs. (I have heard Intel has some ways of paging memory upto 64 Gig on a P3 or P4, but I do not know the details, I believe that big mem options allow Linux to access this, but it is not supported my MS.)

Is there a maximum process size smaller than the maximum amount of addressable memory? (In the MS world I see the app in question crater when it trys to access more than a Gig.) In 32 bit mode do I have access to all 4 Gig of RAM?

What effect does enabling 64 bit mode have, when dealing with a 64 bit proc, and apps? Do I need to worry about process size so long as it is less than my physical memory size?

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