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[Dclug] Internet Strategist at Trellon

Subject: [Dclug] Internet Strategist at Trellon
From: Michael Haggerty
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2008 11:40:19 -0400

What This Job is About

Internet Strategists are part of a cross-functional team charged with crafting the strategy to meet the needs and business objectives of our clients. Here's what we expect them to do.

1) Set the strategy for web development projects. You will be taking part in developing proposals and budgets and working closely with other players in the delivery process to ensure a common understanding of goals and requirements.

2) Interact with clients to analyze requirements and ensure the delivery of optimal solutions. The idea is to validate our approach through thoughtful, timely production of project materials, which includes conceptualizing and developing user experience plans including taxonomies, site mapping, information architecture and wireframes.

3) Identify, understand and exploit innovations and new technologies to enhance Trellon's solutions. Basically, we want you to be aware of what is going on and speak up when you see opportunities for us to improve the kinds of solutions we deliver.

4) Take responsibility for the ongoing development of Trellon.com through contributions of original material about the company, our solutions, and our activities as a company. This includes managing contributions to the company blog, creating original materials for the website at the direction of company leadership, analyzing web metrics and recommending strategies for new development.

Who We Are Looking For

The proposals, strategy and tactics we deliver are a big part of what distinguishes Trellon from other firms out there. There are some characteristics we are looking for on the part of our Internet strategists:

1) Knowledge of common strategies and tactics in Web 2.0, social media and open source technology. Our clients are primarily non-profits and it is important to understand how groups are using technology to advance their organizational missions (and why they would want to). This includes being knowledgeable about other common technology platforms such as DIA, Kintera, Joomla, Ning, etc.

2) Strong reading and writing skills, and the ability to execute in a timely fashion. Your technical writing skills are not as important as being able to pick up on what a project is really all about and thoughtfully put together a plan to address it that tells the story about why this approach will be successful. The word 'boilerplate' makes us antsy.

3) The ability to interact with clients in the collection of requirements, review of staged deliverables, modification of scope, and ongoing discussions about project strategy. New challenges inevitably arise during the delivery process, and Internet Strategists are changed with understanding how it all fits together.

4) The ability to interact directly with affiliated communities through the publication of blogs and other content on Trellon.com as well as attendance at various community events. Internet Strategists at Trellon are expected to maintain a high profile and be conversant in a variety of subjects.

5) The ability to work without direct supervision, to make use of automated project management tools, to diligently record your hours in the timekeeping system, and to keep others aware of your schedule for planning purposes.

We will give special consideration to people with the following:

1) Demonstrated ongoing expertise in social media and open source. If you keep a blog, run workshops, attend industry events, or otherwise participate in the industry in a big, visible way, we want to talk to you.

2) Experience running a large social media website for a non-profit or online publisher. Many of our best ideas are based on years of experience working with clients and helping them through the challenges they encounter day-to-day.

3) Public speaking and presentation skills. While this is not a marketing position, an ideal candidate is someone who actively participates in the open source community on behalf of the company.

Why People Like to Work at Trellon

Trellon does things a little different from other companies...

1) You work from home on your own schedule. Trellon is a virtual company, there's no boss looking over your shoulder telling you to turn off Oprah.

2) You get to make the world a nicer place. Our clients include non-profits and other worthwhile organizations who are looking to do all sorts of great things.

3) You get to learn something new. We have a fantastic team of smart people, all of whom enjoy sharing their knowledge, and our projects tend to be cutting edge affairs that involve unique, sophisticated technology challenges.

4) You get to attend community events throughout North America and Europe to talk about your great ideas. We find lots of ways to help people stay at the top of their game.

Who We Are

Trellon is an Internet strategy and development firm specializing in advanced web 2.0 and social media solutions that include web portals, desktop widgets, facebook applications, mobile applications, CRM systems and strategic consulting solutions. Our solutions take the form of content management systems, online communities, contact management applications, social networks, e-commerce portals, and specialized 'niche' applications. 

Trellon has built a reputation for delivering robust solutions on tight timeframes. We help groups align their social media strategies with their organizational goals, articulate the plan for how to achieve optimal results, and deliver cost effective, sustainable solutions on open platforms.  Founded in 2004, we have deployed a whopping 200+ web sites over the past 4.5 years, ranging in size from small regional concerns to high traffic, national web presences. Our clients include non-profits, NGOs, political campaigns, socially responsible commercial concerns, and media. 

Trellon has a strong history in the open source and social media communities. The founders were key players in the Draft Clark movement and Clark for President campaign, online efforts to elect a presidential candidate primarily leveraging the Internet for support. We developed advanced social media strategies to engage millions of grassroots supporters nationwide and still draw from these experiences in every project we deliver. Trellon has a tradition of giving back to the communities we serve, and devotes over 10% of company development time each month contributing back to the Drupal and CiviCRM platforms through patches, code releases, publications, evangelism, webinars, and direct support of new users.

In terms of corporate philosophy, Trellon believes in the immense value of open source software and open standards. Nothing is worse than being locked into a particular platform primarily designed to protect a business model instead of engaging in true innovation. Portable information that can be consumed by multiple devices independent of platform and flexible, extensible methods for publishing / accessing content offer better solutions for the way people use technology today. These characteristic features of open systems provide the basis for building an economy of knowledge, allowing people and systems to 'talk' in unique and meaningful ways while building value through their interactions. Our work as a company is an _expression_ of this philosophy.

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