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[Ma-linux] Upgrading from sarge to etch -- a Debian question

Subject: [Ma-linux] Upgrading from sarge to etch -- a Debian question
From: Alan McConnell
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2008 08:06:12 -0400
Assembled Wisdom!(Debian division)

I have an ancient sarge distribution running on my ancient PC.(The
sarge distribution dates from the time sarge was unstable; my
PC is only able to boot from floppies and CDs, and of course
from the hard drive)

After poring over the Debian docs, it seems possible to upgrade
from sarge to etch "on the fly"(i.e. from a running system).  I would
like to perform this upgrade using my three etch DVDs.  Now
I can mount these DVDs on my new extrernal DVD writer/reader,
but this apparatus is connected to my machine through a USB
port, and, as mentioned, I therefore cannot boot from them.

Can I configure aptitude, or apt-get, to perform a new installation
from these DVDs? if so, how?

Also: I have downloaded a 167meg installer .iso, which may be needed.
The Debian docs tell me that an install over the 'Net is possible.
However, I wish to "re-install"(does this differ from an upgrade?)
from the DVDs.  How can this be done?

Any help, suggestions, etc, will be, as always, much appreciated!


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