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Re: Does Beagle support Thunderbird?

Subject: Re: Does Beagle support Thunderbird?
From: Joe Shaw
Date: Thu, 15 Feb 2007 10:36:38 -0500

Johann Petrak wrote:
> OK, I know the FAQ says yes, but here, Beagle does not seem to index
> anything related to Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird backend is pretty buggy and memory hungry, so it is no 
longer built by default.  You have to pass in --enable-thunderbird to 
the configure line for it.  I'm not sure if Ubuntu builds/packages it, 
maybe bhale can answer that.

The problem is being worked on, however, so hopefully soon we'll be able 
to re-enable it.

> Does Beagle expect the Thunderbird files in .mozilla-thunderbird 
> (Ubuntu's way) or .thunderbird (every other distro's and Mozilla's way)?
> What happens if it finds both or just one of these directories?

It checks both directories, but I'm not sure which it prefers.

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