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Cannot map a drive to QDLS anymore

Subject: Cannot map a drive to QDLS anymore
Date: 16 Jun 2005 10:44:49 -0700
Hi all,

There are a few users at my company that can't map a network drive in
Windows 2000 to QDLS anymore. I get the following error when I try the
NET USE command with their user ID:

C:\> net use z: \\\qdls xxxx /user:bob
System error 5 has occurred.
Access is denied.

For one user, the problem went away when he changed his password. This
user has user class *SECOFR, and has all the other special authorities.
For the other users, who have user class *USER and special authority
*NONE, I have to assign the *ALLOBJ special authority to them for the
mapping to go through. After I remove the *ALLOBJ from them, the
problem returns.

There haven't been any changes to the AS/400 AFAIK, but since there a
few people with *ALLOBJ authority, I won't swear to it. The AS/400
Type-Model is 9406-825, and the OS is at v5r2m0.

I've searched extensively for a solution via Google, but I can't find
anything that's helpful. Has any of this ever occurred to you?

Best regards,


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