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Dawn Of Internet Video, REVENGE of Time Warner Cable!

Subject: Dawn Of Internet Video, REVENGE of Time Warner Cable!
From: Derek Currie
Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2008 09:25:10 -0500
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Welcome to the new age of Internet video downloading and 

The arrival of this new age was heralded by the fact that Apple's 
iTunes Store now sells more videos than there are sales of either 
Blu-ray DVDs or HD-DVDs. (BTW: I predict HD-DVD will be stone 
cold dead by the end of 2008).

As of this week you can now even RENT high definition quality 
(720p) video over the Internet via the Apple iTunes Store.

So get this:

Time Warner Cable has decided to WREAK REVENGE!

As reported by the New York Times on Thursday:

Time Warner: Download Too Much and You Might Pay $30 a Movie
January 17, 2008,  4:47 pm


> Let¹s say you buy a new Apple TV because you want to rent high-definition 
> movies. And say you are about to move to Beaumont, Tex. If so, you might wind 
> up paying Time Warner Cable as much as $30 when you download a movie using 
> its high-speed Internet service.
> Time Warner said on Wednesday that it was going to start testing a new rate 
> plan in Beaumont that would limit the amount of bandwidth each customer can 
> use each month before additional fees kick in. Alexander Dudley, a Time 
> Warner spokesman, said that the exact terms had not been set, but that 
> packages would probably offer between 5 gigabytes and 40 gigabytes a month. 
> The top plan would cost roughly the same as the company¹s highest-speed 
> service, which typically runs between $50 and $60 a month.

Obviously this is a test LEAD BALLOON being let loose in poor 
little old Texas in order to see if they can pull a con-job on 
the entire USA.

From the article: 
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> Moreover, the marginal cost of extra bandwidth is very small, he said. For 
> broadband Internet service, 80 percent to 90 percent of the costs are fixed 
> regardless of use. And the all-in cost of a gigabyte of use is about 10 cents 
> or less.

Again, it costs Time Warner 10¢ for every GB you download. 
Therefore, they intend to charge you something similar to what 
Bell Canada already perpetrate upon their customers: $7.42 per GB 
when you go beyond the LIMIT of your purchased monthly download 
plan. The plans are expected to have a peak allowed download 
bandwidth per month of 40 GB per month.

You can go into shock now.

Now listen to the insincere, insulting, scurrilous, arrogant, 
patronizing... (you get the idea), marketing moron SPIN Time 
Warner Cable are puking forth upon their customers about this 

Alexander Dudley of Time Warner sez:
> ³This is not targeted at people who download movies from Apple.... 
> This is aimed at people who use peer-to-peer networks and download 
> terabytes.²
> . . .
> ³A big part of what we are doing is to test customer feedback.... We want our 
> customers to feel like they are getting a good value.²

10¢ worth of downloads = $7.42 (guestimate) of EXTRA charges from 
Time Warner Cable.

Yeah right. I'll bend over for that, NOT.

Fine, Time Warner want to gouge you hard and deep for using extra 
bandwidth. But what ELSE is going on here? 

A) Time Warner, and other company's, attempts at destroying NET 
NEUTRALITY have totally failed. They want REVENGE.

B) Digital downloading of media over the Internet is taking away 
customers from Time Warner's digital cable TV feed business. They 

It's called ANTI-COMPETITIVE BEHAVIOR. You know, like what 
Microsoft always does when they run over competitors like a steam 

Fact: When you remove competition from business endeavors you 
eliminate the incentive to INNOVATE. Again, think of Microsoft.

RESULT: Time Warner Cable want to throw us into the Internet DARK 
AGES for the purpose of their own profit. This is one company 
attempting to pillage an entire Internet industry because they 
don't happen to like how it affects their business.

It's called MONOPOLY behavior. It's called ILLEGAL.

*** How to tell Time Warner to stuff their greed ridden revenge 

Call, Fax, write or email Time Warner Cable letting them know 
that if they pull this con-job on you in YOUR part of the USA 
then you will respond by DUMPING their service for a superior 
alternative, DAMMIT.

A) The players to contact:

1) Glenn A. Britt, President and CEO of TWC:

2) Landel C. Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer:

3) Robert D. Marcus, Senior Executive Vice President:

4) Joan Gillman, Executive Vice President and President, Time 
Warner Cable Media Sales

5) Same Howe, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer

6) Regional Executive Vice Presidents of Operations:

   a) Wayne D. Knighton, Texas Region (aka Chief of this con-job 

   b) Terry O'Connell, Midwest Region

   c) Barry S. Rosenblum, New York City and Southern California 

   d) Carol A. Hevey, Carolina Region

   e) William R. Goetz Jr., West and New England Region


Other members of Executive Management are listed at the same URL 

7) Board of Directors:


1) Shareholder Services / Investor Relations (if you own stock in 
Time Warner):


[email protected] 

2) Time Warner Cable corporate address, where you can write to 
ANY of the Executive Officers or the Board of Directors:

Time Warner Cable
[C/O Whomever]
290 Harbor Drive
Stamford, CT 06902-8700

3) Look up and contact your local Customer Service:

* Example:

You are one of the victims living in Beaumont, Texas. Your zip 
code may be 77701. Go to the Customer Service lookup page:

Enter your Zip Code: 77701, hit Enter or the GO button.
You are taken to the site for the Golden Triangle region of TWC.

The web page for this particular region (don't expect the same 
interface at each region) requires you to hit the link at the top 
for 'Customer Service' where you can pick "Contact Us".

Scroll down that page and you will find:

Main Office: 800-222-5355
Hours: M-F 8 AM - 9 PM

TWC Local Offices:

Time Warner Cable
602 N. Highway 69
Nederland, TX 77627
Fax: 409-727-5050

Time Warner Cable
5330 Twin City Highway
Port Arthur, TX 77640
M-F: 8 am - 5:30 pm

If we don't act on this crime against the Internet then it will 
SPREAD. Time Warner Cable will pull this con-job across the 
entire USA. And obviously the same con-job will SPREAD to other 
companies such as Comcast. Result: The Internet Video/TV industry 
comes to a crashing halt. Time Warner Cable and the other cable 
monopolies stop stamping their little feet in anger. Instead they 
get to sit back and rake in ill-gotten gains from customers who 
are forced to get their digital media from their cable TV service.


Contact Time Warner Cable ASAP please and stop this revenge 
tactic dead in its tracks before we all suffer the consequences.

Share and Enjoy,

:-Derek Currie

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Frederick Brooks: I happily use a Macintosh. It's not been
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