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Updating Graphics Card?

Subject: Updating Graphics Card?
From: "Phluge"
Date: Wed, 17 May 2006 17:17:53 GMT
I posted this question to another NG. I got a lot of replies but no good

I was told a problem I am having may indicate that my Graphics Card needs
updating. There is an update available from the manufacturer. Since I have
never messed with graphics cards, and have had things go wrong while
updating other kinds of drivers, I want to make sure.

I don't know if I should worry but I think "What if it fails --then how will
I see anything on the screen in order to fix it?" Someone said use Safemode
w/ Command Prompt.

MS says when you boot into Safemode it uses Vga.sys. Does that mean it uses
Vga.sys to display the Command Prompt on the screen, thereby bypassing the
graphics card drivers in case they are bad?

If so, then I can see the Command prompt on the screen even if the updating
goes wrong --is this correct?

Thanks, Pflu

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