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simple, short, and soundless

Subject: simple, short, and soundless
From: Rob Perkins
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 11:12:29 -0800

My company makes software which for years now has included the ability to make movies out of progressive results from a simulation. Basically we used the VFW stuff combined with a library we commissioned to make short 30-frame AVI files, none of which even approach 30fps, (usually it's 4 fps or so) which could easily play in Windows Media Player, without the watcher needing more than a default Windows installation.
We used the INDEO codec to encode the movies, because it, along with an
encoding "codec" was included with Windows. Well, now the INDEO codec is
gone from the default setup, and we're not sure what to choose next.
In making our movies we generate between four and 100 palleted BMP
files, usually 800x600 in size, with about 16 colors. We don't need
streaming optimization, or really anything "Internet-y"
Which codec will:

-- let us distribute to our 500 customers an encoding "codec" to create MPEG 4 (or MPEG 2) animations from our frame graphics? -- have compression which doesn't alter the colors of the image, the way the MS-CRAM codec does? -- be available on a default Windows Media Player 10 installation (or at least be downloadable after the installation?)
I looked on and a couple of other places, but the focus at
those places seems to be on the streaming video and videophone codecs,
none of which I need or want. In short, I'm lost in the complexity of it
all, when all I really want is something comparatively simple.

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