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dvd plays cutoff

Subject: dvd plays cutoff
Date: 28 Sep 2005 13:19:49 -0700
Hey all,

I bought the family guy dvd set.  It plays fine on my home dvd player.
But when I try to play it on my laptop (Compaq presario r3000), it only
shows like a bit of the picture.  It looks like the top and right are
cutoff or maybe it is only showing a subbox of the whole video.  For
example, at the main menu screen, the various episodes are listed on
the right side.  Half the words are cut off.  During the movie, half
the heads are also cutoff.

I've tried all kind of dvd players like Intervideo DVD, windows media
player, windows media player classic.  They all give the same result.
I've tried changing the aspect ratios, but that just seems to stretch
the cutoff doesn't make the cutoff part visible.  Anyone
have any ideas about this?

You think it might have something to do with the laptop having a
widescreen (15.4) or anything.  I can't figure it out because it plays
fine on my home dvd player.



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