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Re: VGA to TV Adapter?

Subject: Re: VGA to TV Adapter?
From: "Toolman Tim"
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 18:00:20 -0700
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"Jeff Ingram" <ingr[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
> Hello,
> Does anyone know of a good quality VGA to PC adapter for around $100? 
> Does
> ATI make one?  Looking for any suggestions/opinions.  I'd like one because
> although my Radeon 9600XT has a video out, I can't view the monitor while
> I'm outputing to the video out port.  When I just connect to the video out
> nothing is output until I change the Display Properties.  And it wont let 
> me
> view both simiulatneously.  I've emailed ATI twice and never once got a
> response.
> Therefore I'd like a good VGA to TV adapter that's no more than $120.
> Recommendations on an adapter?
The ATI display in my laptop does both the LCD and TV simultaneously. Have 
you installed the latest ATI drivers? When those are up-to-date, turn off 
the computer, and hook up both the monitor and the TV. Restart. Go to 
display properties, click on Settings, click on Advanced. In the advanced 
settings, click on Display. There should be two displays shown - monitor and 
tv. Next to each (top left) is a circle with 1 inside, (the universal sign 
for On/Off), and you need to turn on BOTH the Monitor and TV. Then you can 
use the multiple monitor mode. Be sure to select which display you want to 
be the Primary (blue button below the display type.) 

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