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Re: Radeon X300 / Intel Extreme 915G

Subject: Re: Radeon X300 / Intel Extreme 915G
From: Lawrence DčOliveiro
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 23:54:52 +1200
Newsgroups: alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati,,, nz.comp
In article <[email protected]>,
 FreedomChooser <[email protected]> wrote:

>On Thu, 09 Jun 2005 23:02:19 +1200, Lawrence D¹Oliveiro
><[email protected]> wrote:
>>In article <[email protected]>,
>> Rob J <[email protected]> wrote:
>>>The Intel Bios only lets the accessory card be used as the primary 
>>>display adapter.
>>Why should any OS care what displays the BIOS uses, and how it uses 
>>them? They can drive the display cards directly, without going through 
>>the BIOS.
>>Or is this another Dimdows limitation?
>Keep wanking, dipshit

I guess the answer must be "yes" ...

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