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Re: Help needed with Windows Media Player.....

Subject: Re: Help needed with Windows Media Player.....
From: "Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]"
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 10:49:26 GMT
On 21 Apr 2005 17:15:51 -0700, "pressureguy" <[email protected]>

>Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media] wrote:
>> Windows media player uses the windows sound system for playback, but
>> it also has its own balance controls, the position of which varies
>> depending on the media player version.
>> Do you happen to know which version media player is ?
>> Try Help->About Media Player on the menus for this information.
>> Cheers - Neil
>Hello and thank you for your reply.
>It is version 10.  In another discussion group, someone posted to "Open
>the 'Volume Controls' window and make sure all the "balance" sliders
>are centered," but that is not possible with the version I have.

OK well it's not actually on the "Volume controls" window I meant :

There's a Graphic Equaliser window in windows media player 10, and
it's on there. Go to the menus (if the bottom bit of the window, below
the video display isn't already showing any "enhancements"). 

You need the menu :  View-> Enhancements -> Graphic Equalizer

The balance control is on the right, and is separate from whether the
graphic EQ is turned on or off.

Cheers - Neil

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