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Secondary Display Detection

Subject: Secondary Display Detection
From: "SCCC"
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 17:12:45 +1200
Newsgroups:,, nz.comp
We are having a few problems with secondary display detection on video cards 
that are connected to projectors, displays with extension cables, or 
splitter boxes.

It seems the ability of the different chipsets to handle detection issues 
varies widely.

For example:

S3 integrated laptop: Always enables the secondary even if no device is 
GeForce MX400: Won't enable the secondary at all unless a display is 
directly connected without an extension lead.
ATI Radeon 9600: Enables the secondary always; detaches it if no device is 

The S3 is a dream. The Radeon is not so easy to use, but can be turned on 
just by a couple of clicks in Display properties. The Geforce is a pain in 
the ass. We have to take special steps just to ensure we even can attach the 
display in Display Properties.

I'm looking at a PCI card that I need to put in a PC that has onboard 
graphics and no AGP slot. Would a Radeon 9250 behave roughly the same as the 
9600? Is there a better option?

I also need to find a card to replace that loathsome Nvidia :)

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