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Re: WMV files not working??

Subject: Re: WMV files not working??
From: "odb69"
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2005 10:38:24 +0000 UTC

All you have to do is open windows media player, go to "tools", "options"
and "file types".  At this step just uncheck and then check again on the wmv

NOTE: the check box will need to white with a tick in it.

This will reassign the wmv file types to windows media player. Thus
allowing you to play wmv files.


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news:[email protected]
> I have Windows XP and I downloaded BS Player but soon after I
> uninstalled it.  Now I downloaded some WMV files (that I know nothing
> about) off of Limewire and for some reason it insists on opening these
> files with BS Player even though I uninstalled it.  I can run any other
> kind of files except WMV on BS Player.  When I do run the WMV files, it
> always says the files are 20 seconds long and there's no video, just an
> IPod ad.  What the heck?!  I tried opening these same files with
> Windows Media Player and Real Player with the same results.  My
> questions are:
> 1.How come these WMV files are 20 seconds long and only show an IPod
> ad instead of any video?  Are they fake or something?  But they're
> completely different files from different people and they're all 20
> seconds long with the same ad displayed.
> 2.Why does Limewire insist on using BS Player as the default player
> even though it's been uninstalled?

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