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Re: Clearing an image???????

Subject: Re: Clearing an image???????
From: "Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]"
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 13:00:09 GMT
Not really, because you've reached the limit of the information in the
(usually compressed) video file. Video compression works by taking
blocks of pixels and considering them to have similar characteristics,
and removing the repeating and common information between frames and
screen areas.

The side effect is that you can't scale up lets say a 320x240 original
video to 640x480 without simply magnifying the pixels 4x. Some codecs
(such as real player's video codecs) work better than others (such as
windows media codecs) when scaling up, but in general you'll get
noticable pixelation at anything above about 25-50% larger than
original size. 

Peoples visual systems (eyes and brain processing areas) are quite
sensitive to straight lines (there are special receptors for this), so
the pixels are quite noticeable. Reducing the video contrast can help
a little but makes the picture less watchable.

The only solution is to sit back from the screen, and "squint" a bit
when you watch the video ;-)


Cheers - Neil

On 4 Apr 2005 05:00:14 -0700, "TrailRat" <[email protected]>

>I'm new to the group so I apologise if this is a repeated question.
>What I want to know is wether or not there is a free/cheap software out
>there that takes out the pixelation of full screening a video image.
>Can this be done easily. 
>I'm running Windows 98se

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