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Need some utilities...

Subject: Need some utilities...
From: "TheQueb"
Date: 2 May 2005 14:21:58 -0700
I'm looking for a couple of utilities and hope someone here can point
me in the right direction...

First, I have a collection of WMV files that I downloaded from  I paid for them and have the licenses to play them with
MediaPlayer.  Is there a utility that will convert these files straight
to MP3?  Since I have the license, I'd like to be able tomove them to
my laptop and my mp3 player as well as burn them to a CD.

Second, as a way of getting around to doing what I pdescribed above,
I've been just burning the WMVs and then ripping the CD but you lose
the filenames and id3 tags that way. I have to manually go back in and
rename the files and edit the tag information.  Is there a utility
that'll grab tag information from filename info?

Thanks in advance,

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