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Re: VGA to TV Adapter?

Subject: Re: VGA to TV Adapter?
From: "Toolman Tim"
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 10:20:49 -0700
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> "Toolman Tim" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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>> "Jeff Ingram" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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>> > Hello,
>> >
>> > Does anyone know of a good quality VGA to PC adapter for around $100?
>> > Does
>> > ATI make one?  Looking for any suggestions/opinions.  I'd like one
> because
>> > although my Radeon 9600XT has a video out, I can't view the monitor
> while
>> > I'm outputing to the video out port.  When I just connect to the video
> out
>> > nothing is output until I change the Display Properties.  And it wont
> let
>> > me
>> > view both simiulatneously.  I've emailed ATI twice and never once got a
>> > response.
>> >
>> > Therefore I'd like a good VGA to TV adapter that's no more than $120.
>> > Recommendations on an adapter?
>> >
>> The ATI display in my laptop does both the LCD and TV simultaneously. 
>> Have
>> you installed the latest ATI drivers? When those are up-to-date, turn off
>> the computer, and hook up both the monitor and the TV. Restart. Go to
>> display properties, click on Settings, click on Advanced. In the advanced
>> settings, click on Display. There should be two displays shown - monitor
> and
>> tv. Next to each (top left) is a circle with 1 inside, (the universal 
>> sign
>> for On/Off), and you need to turn on BOTH the Monitor and TV. Then you 
>> can
>> use the multiple monitor mode. Be sure to select which display you want 
>> to
>> be the Primary (blue button below the display type.)
> Yup, the drivers are up-to-date.  When I go to displays and click the 
> button
> for TV, the button for Monitor turns off, and vice versa.  I've never been
> able to get both to work simultaneously regardless of which drivers I've 
> had
> installed.
> I should also note that I'm not connecting to a TV, but to a VCR although 
> it
> shouldn't matter, I'm using the same composite out.
> More ideas?

The last time I was at the ATI website, there was software available for 
something that was designed for using 2 displays. That may or may not be a 

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