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Re: Secondary Display Detection

Subject: Re: Secondary Display Detection
From: Richard
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 18:05:20 +1200
Newsgroups:,, nz.comp
SCCC wrote:

S3 integrated laptop: Always enables the secondary even if no device is connected GeForce MX400: Won't enable the secondary at all unless a display is directly connected without an extension lead. ATI Radeon 9600: Enables the secondary always; detaches it if no device is detected.
The S3 is a dream. The Radeon is not so easy to use, but can be turned on
just by a couple of clicks in Display properties. The Geforce is a pain in
the ass. We have to take special steps just to ensure we even can attach the
display in Display Properties.
I'm looking at a PCI card that I need to put in a PC that has onboard
graphics and no AGP slot. Would a Radeon 9250 behave roughly the same as the
9600? Is there a better option?
I also need to find a card to replace that loathsome Nvidia :)
I have the same issue here, as both my monitors were connected thru VGA-BNC
cables, the nvidia did have an option in the driver to force a detection of a
secondary display in the driver, no luck on the ATI, I have to have my crappy
15" TFT as the secondary on that card and one of the CRTs as the primary of the
crap PCI card. Means that the 2 CRTs are on seperate cards rather then the same one.

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