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Re: Need some utilities...

Subject: Re: Need some utilities...
From: "Neil Smith [MVP Digital Media]"
Date: Tue, 03 May 2005 10:38:42 GMT
On 2 May 2005 14:21:58 -0700, "TheQueb" <[email protected]> wrote:

>I'm looking for a couple of utilities and hope someone here can point
>me in the right direction...
>First, I have a collection of WMV files that I downloaded from
>  I paid for them and have the licenses to play them with
>MediaPlayer.  Is there a utility that will convert these files straight
>to MP3?  Since I have the license, I'd like to be able tomove them to
>my laptop and my mp3 player as well as burn them to a CD.

The easiest way in general is to burn them to a CD, and then use the
CD to generate the MP3 files. Unexpected difficuties can arise with
DRM files when trying to convert them direct to MP3 (although the
Plus! digital media pack from MS has an add-in to do WMA->MP3)

>Second, as a way of getting around to doing what I pdescribed above,
>I've been just burning the WMVs and then ripping the CD but you lose
>the filenames and id3 tags that way. I have to manually go back in and
>rename the files and edit the tag information.  Is there a utility
>that'll grab tag information from filename info?

Windows media ain't that good at maintaining ID3 tags. CDEx (CD audio
extractor) can convert from CD to MP3 and maintain the ID3 tags - are
you saying they're lost on the way to CD or from the way off the CD to
MP3s ?

CDEx Extractor : , download :

I think you'll need an MP3 codec on your system to convert direct to
MP3 when ripping, but if you've WM10 or another MP3 player, it should
already be on there ;-)

Cheers - Neil

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