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Re: A Reliable Microprocessor...

Subject: Re: A Reliable Microprocessor...
From: "Alex Gibson"
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2005 00:27:47 +1000
Newsgroups: comp.arch
"John Savard" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]

> Anyhow, in all this web searching, I found out that Rockwell Collins now
> continues the proud tradition of Collins Radio. Even if they don't seem
> to make ham radio equipment anymore, and have concentrated on avionics.
> In any event, I saw that one of that company's "firsts" was making the
> first FAA-certified and safety-critical microprocessor.
> Ahem.
> I remember all those disclaimers from microprocessor manuals; I had no
> idea there was actually a *choice*, and one actually _could_ get a
> microprocessor for use in things like medical equipment.
> Unfortunately, I wasn't able to identify the chip or its architecture
> from the company's site...
> John Savard

Was that the JEM ?

Thats the java hardware virtual machine ?

I know Rockwell spun off or was formed from Rockwell people - one company 
aJile systems

For avionics I've seen 8051's , 8086, 386 , 486.

I know that a lot of the entertainment systems are Intel based.

Quite a few of the newer integrated map / comms /display systems use
pentiums S370 P3's and celerons. Also ppc's 4xx , 7xx and G4's.

Looking at the Arinc664 drafts, interesting to see
more open standards being adopted for Avionics
IEEE 802.3

Especially using ethenet and IP for everything.
"UDP/IP or TCP/IP routing and transport protocols above the Ethernet Data 

Like Can (canbus) over IP for instrumentation.

Looking at wireless inflight entertainment systems for the future.
Note the CDN  based on ethernet. 

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