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Re: Selecting products that are found in the selected category.

Subject: Re: Selecting products that are found in the selected category.
From: phpMagpie
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 08:10:19 -0800 PST
Where in your controller are you attempting to run any finds with conditions using the category or product id?

On Monday, 27 February 2012 08:56:08 UTC, Smooth wrote:
Hey everyone,

I have a page where you can add products to a list, on that page i
want a select for the categories and a select for the products, if the
categories select is changed i want the products select to list all
the products in that selected categorie.. I tried some of the info i
found on the internet but i wasnt able to fix this..

This is the code of the controller:

class OrderLinesController extends AppController {
    var $name = 'OrderLines';

    public function index() {


    public function view() {
        $orderline = $this->OrderLine->find('all');

    public function add() {
        if ($this->request->is('post')) {
            if (!empty($this->data)) {
                echo $this->Session->setFlash(__('Orderline
succesfully registered'));
                //$this->redirect(array('controller' => 'orderlines',
'action' => 'view'));
            } else {
                echo $this->Session->setFlash(__('Please fill in all


        $categories = $this->OrderLine->Product->Category-

        $products = $this->OrderLine->Product->find('list');

The model:

class OrderLine extends AppModel
    var $name = 'OrderLine';
    var $belongsTo = 'PersonalOrder';
    var $hasOne = 'Product';

And the view called add.ctp:

    echo $this->Form->create('OrderLine', array(
        'action' => 'add',
        'name' => 'cat_select'
    echo $this->Form->input('category_id', array(
        'type' => 'select',
        'style' => 'text-transform: capitalize',

    echo $this->Form->input('product_id', array(
        'type' => 'select'
    echo $this->Form->submit();
    echo $this->Form->end();


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