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Potential bug with _cake_core_ caching

Subject: Potential bug with _cake_core_ caching
From: worthy
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 07:46:12 -0800 PST
Hi folks,
take the following example:

x different plugins with a SettingsController and an edit action

-> /pluginone/settings/edit
-> /plugintwo/settings/edit
-> /pluginthree/settings/edit

I took a look at the _cake_core_ cache and noticed, that a key for the
first visited SettingsController is stored as only
"SettingsController" and not "Pluginxxx.SettingsController".

So what happens is: If you visit another plugins settings edit action
the request is routed to the cached SettingsController which is from a
different plugin.

If you disable the _cake_core_ caching the request is routed properly.

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