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Another AJAX Autocomplete question

Subject: Another AJAX Autocomplete question
From: turbo2ltr
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 12:25:40 -0700 PDT
I see there are a lot of questions about implementing AJAX
autocomplete, but I'll be dammed if every single thing on the subject
is woefully confusing or from the mid 2000s.

I go to the 1.3 cookbook under Ajax and right at the top is says
AjaxHelper is depreciated, then it goes on to talk about those same
things.  How can the latest version of cakePHP already be depreciated?

I've tried about 8 different implementations of ajax autocomplete that
I've found on the web and could not get any of them to work...mostly
because they assumed I'm smarter than I am (not step by step
instructions, but code snippets or pseudo code), or they were written
for an out of date version of cake.

Prototype? Scriptalicious? JQuery?  WTF are we supposed to use?

Actually I did get this one to sorta work, sorta:

The field I want to autocomplete is a vendor name.  But in the the
suppliers model, the vendor name is an ID to the vendors table.  The
autocomplete was returning the ID, not the name.  Sure it seemed easy
to implement, but it also seemed to be limited. I couldn't figure out
how to get the vendor name instead of the ID.

So I beg of the community, can someone put up an up-to-date, step-by-
step tutorial on how to properly implement AJAX autocomplete??


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