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Re: How to define a global constant which is available through whole app

Subject: Re: How to define a global constant which is available through whole app?
From: Miles J
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 16:52:28 -0800 PST
Like AD7 said, you cant use functions on class properties. Do it in
the constructor.

On Feb 15, 3:36 pm, Alejandro Gómez Fernández <agom...@xxxxxxxxx>
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> Another way to do this is using session variables, in this case, a
> constant. You can always access this var in every module.
> Alejandro.
> El 15/02/2011 10:52, sanjibdhar...@xxxxxxxxx escribi :
> > I tried Configure::write('company', 'xxx);  in bootstrap.php and to
> > access the constant I wrote
> > var $company = Configure::read('company'); in AppController but it
> > gives syntax error.Can somebody tell me how to access the constant or
> > there is another way of to define a global constant through whole app.
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