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Re: FPDF: pass variable from controller to view

Subject: Re: FPDF: pass variable from controller to view
From: John Andersen
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2011 08:43:07 -0800 PST
Where does it give you an undefined variable error?
Do the error disappear, when you comment out the echo statement?

On 15 Feb., 17:25, Antar <i.chart...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In my controller:
> $reprint = "SELECT distinct round FROM vw_del_details where date = 
> '".$ddate."' AND round BETWEEN ".$r_from." AND ". $r_to;
> $this->set('rp',$reprint);
> In my view:
> echo $rp;
> which gives an undefined variable error

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