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Proper MVC structure in CakePHP

Subject: Proper MVC structure in CakePHP
From: websurfshop
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 20:42:30 -0800 PST
Wondering if anyone cares to enlighten me about the proper cakePHP MVC
theory for my project.

I have numerous authoritative books.  Each book is stored in a
separate database table with each paragraph in the book as a separate
record.  Like so.

id int,
bookname varchar
chapternumber tinyint
paragraphnumber tinyint
paragraphtext text

All thru the project I am required to display quoted paragraphs from
these authoritative books, and would like to streamline as far a
possible with a helper the calls.  Something like:


To display a formatted paragraph in the view across the project.  My
confusion exists in exactly how to go about this in a proper way since
each quoted paragraph involves a call to the database in a find.  And
I would like to use a number of helper functions to not only properly
format and link the quoted paragraph text, but also supply a link to
the entire chapter, chapter neighbors, and even the entire book.

So since I am dealing with a call to the database does this logic
belong in a behavior?  A component?  Or do I make the database call
and all the formatting logic in a view helper?  Or some combination of
the above?

Thanks for your time.

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