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Re: Scaffolding vs Bake

Subject: Re: Scaffolding vs Bake
From: Felipe Roman
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2010 12:20:27 -0200
Hi John,

The main difference between scaffold and bake is bake will generate the PHP code (model, controller,view) and you can customize it how you want. When I'm developing I start using bake to generate all CRUD and after I start to change the generated code.

If the scaffolding is OK for you (work for all your requirements) I guess you can continue using it. I've read in some place that scaffolding is not recommended to use in production application (I don't remember the reason is unstable or insecure...) but I don't know in the latest cake version.

Best Regards,
Felipe Roman
Phone 55 51 8454 8110
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