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Perfmance, large number of users and CakePHP

Subject: Perfmance, large number of users and CakePHP
From: Ziki
Date: Sat, 25 Dec 2010 07:16:50 -0800 PST
I am developing one big applicaion, it will be similar to facebook,
with lot of users in same time and lot of ajax requests and etc. you
know how many queries cake generate.

So, my question is, can CakePHP handle something like this with 10 000
logged users in same time?

Will it be enough dedicated server with:

Intel® Core™
Hexacore incl.
Hyper-Threading Technology


1x 1,5 TB SATA II
1x 300 GB SAS4-Port Hardware-RAID Controller imperative
1x 120 GB SSD

or how many users it can handle with these configuration?


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