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Re: Skip duplicate data with cake

Subject: Re: Skip duplicate data with cake
From: Cruisine
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 02:36:03 -0800 PST
i'm sorry.perhaps i couldn't mention the prolem properly because of my
english is very bad.
actually i know how to make the hbtm table. and i've done with the
table. what i actually want is i want to make HTML table which only
show one "Name" (from 2 similar name)....so it could be more user
friendly than i provide 2 same name.
i only want to show a display in my browser like this :
name     requirements
             |   visa
sam       ---------------------
             |   passport

rather than:
name     requirments
sam      |     visa
sam      |     passport

so, i only ask about methodology to make a display like that.  not in
databse but in cakephp view.

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