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Re: Why only pass $data to view instead of model instance?

Subject: Re: Why only pass $data to view instead of model instance?
From: Zaky Katalan-Ezra
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 09:44:26 +0200
There is a known debate about if the controller should know about the model and view while the model and view should not know about each other
Or, the view should know about the model for update purpose for example.
I prefer the the first approach but I understand the other is ok too.

Considering the fact that controller may have several models and several views it should hide the data gathering process from the view.
For example:
You have a users model controller and view.
Then you decide to extract the email column to a different profile table.
All you need to do is playing with your models and controller and do nothing with the view.

But if you passed the model to the view you need now to pass the new profile model and make changes to your view.

On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 6:20 AM, cricket <[email protected]> wrote:
I didn't mention OOP. But, now that you have, note that View is an
object. Among its attributes is an array of data. I thought this was
awkward at first, also, until I realised that it doesn't matter
because View really needn't have that close a relationship with the
data members themselves. That is, it wouldn't make much sense to do
View::getX() or View::getY() when $x and $y are attributes of Model.
Of course, I'm not going to sell anyone on that argument if they're
still convinced that Model should be the object passed to the view.

> Say you had a method like this in your User model:
> public function isActive() {
>        return $this->data['User']['active'] == User::STATUS_ACTIVE;
> }
> Then all you would need to do in the view is:
> if ($model->isActive())
> That cuts out the whole problem of having to manually write that
> condition every time its used. It also cuts out the need of a helper
> that handles this function when its unnecessary.

But it's easy enough to adjust the data array in afterFind(), so that
argument doesn't sway me. Think of $data as an encapsulation of your
model instance. Not the entire model itself, with all of its behaviors
and business logic, but the face it should present to the View. So,
$data doesn't provide an isActive() method but, instead, includes the
*information* that the View requires.

Another example would be date formatting. Say a business needs their
dates all formatted 'd-m-Y'. That's something that definitely should
be handled by the model because, after all, it's the model that should
deal with business logic. But it's unnecessary to call a
formattedDate() method when we can just add a 'formatted_date' field
to $data in afterFind(). Something like that could be put in AppModel,
in fact. Either way, it's a cinch to just push it onto the array.

(Another site might need to format dates according to users' locale.
In that case, the logic should probably be handled in the view,
perhaps with a helper.)

> Furthermore, Cake models are used incorrectly in my opinion. Models
> should represent a single entity of data (getters and setters for a
> row in the database), while Cakes approach is a global model to
> database table relation.

I'd argue that Cake's ORM makes more sense. There are always going to
be trade-offs when attempting to map objects to relational data, but
Cake's DB table to array scheme has worked very well so far. Remember
that the model's $data is not the entirety of the model. It's just the
encapsulation for the View. If the latter requires more than what's
been given to it, you simply have to add it in. That's business logic.

Zaky Katalan-Ezra
QA Administrator

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