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pdo_postgres strange error.

Subject: pdo_postgres strange error.
From: Fanck
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 2010 15:35:52 -0700 PDT

Before flaming down, let me say that it may not be related to CakePHP,
but somehow on my configuration (hopefully):
- Ubuntu 10.10
- PHP 5.3.3
- PostgreSQL 8.4.5
- CakePHP 1.3.4 (but same error with Cake 1.2.8)

So here's the deal: I was getting white screen (of death?) at
application start. So I went on a debug/traceback mission.
I saw the following message in my logs:
2010-10-21 00:18:52 CEST LOG:  could not receive data from client:
Connection reset by peer
2010-10-21 00:18:52 CEST LOG:  unexpected EOF on client connection

Did some research but nothing seems related to my problem.

I finally found the line that somehow crashed my applications. The
function is lastError(), called from the dbo_source (which may be
relevant here). As soon as I removed that call (which shouldn't be
mandatory, I suppose), my applications were all up and running.

For the record, lastError() did try to return something (null), but
somehow cannot pass it to the dbo_source. Go figure.

So for now I'm up with an ugly patch. If anyone got an idea on how
such thing happened, or if anyone got the same problem, I'd be glad to
have more informations.

thanks for reading,

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